Ethiopia ‘Breaks World Record’ By Planting 350 Million Trees In 12 Hours

Pollution is such a big problem in modern times, that it is becoming a real struggle to find efficient ways through which the process can be stopped. Until there will be a magic cure to heal the Earth and live pollution-free, there are still several actions that can be taken to reduce it.

For instance, planting trees is a simple and helpful step and Ethiopia did a great job here. Since the country went through severe deforestation, which harmed its climate, last year officials in Ethiopia took action and started planting new trees.

The campaign went great as it resulted in an amazing number of 350 million trees planted in a single day. This sounds like a new world record and the campaign is part of a larger plan that involves the planting of 4 billion trees through May and October which is the “rainy season”.

The officials of the country managed to mobilize a large part of the population as they sent seedlings to volunteer all over Ethiopia three days before the event. People were encouraged to plant at least 40 seedlings and the event was a huge hit.
This is a great example of how a nation can have a large impact on reducing climate change when backed by government officials who promote an environmentally friendly and responsible attitude.

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  1. Gene F Odato says:

    As the now former holder of the Guiness Book of World Records {Planting the most trees in one hour} I tip my hat to the people of Ethiopia for smashing the existing record.

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