Fantastic Aquarium Design on Toilet Tank

An original place for an aquarium is certainly in the toilet tank. But what happens to the fish? I do not want to think about how they go in drain …sad for them..Of course .. it was a joke, don’t worry, the fish don’t get flushed down the drain.
The aquarium toilet has three separate tanks – one for water flowing in, one for water flowing out, and a third for fish and underwater plants, keeping them isolated from any plumbing function. Another green point is that the LED device that lights the fish tank can also be used instead of bathroom lighting, cutting electricity bills.
What do you think about this product? Would you like to have in your bathroom a toilet tank like this?


12 Responses to “Fantastic Aquarium Design on Toilet Tank”

  1. Julian says:


  2. Paula says:

    Awesome design! where can one purchase?

  3. animalprotector says:

    I really hope that the Fishes arent real. Because the noises that the flush creates are more than devastating for them! Baddest idea I´ve ever seen.

  4. Graciela says:


  5. Derp says:

    Oh yes…. I can enjoy fishes while I’m on the can!

  6. Wilma says:

    Where can i buy it?

  7. clem says:

    C’est n’importe quoi… Faut pas confondre décoration de tes chiottes avec vie animale! Ces animaux ne sont pas fait pour décorer vos toilettes!
    L’aquarium est minuscule à cause de la réserve d’eau derrière et c’est laid en plus !
    Les poissons rouges ont besoin d’espace (50L par poisson, sinon ils s’asphyxient et finissent par mourir prématurément…) Les gens sont débiles ou quoi?

  8. Chris says:

    Oh yeah! Another concentration camp for fishes!
    Must be so cooool to show one’s ass to a bunch of neurasthenic animals…

  9. simla says:

    whera can we buy

  10. David D Brown says:

    I would like to purchase two (2) aquarium toilet tank 6 product please send me the details to purchase thank you

  11. Christina says:

    I eat fish?

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