Festive Lady: an Absolutely Amazing Bed Created by Amber Jean


This artwork was created by artist Amber Jean for one of her clients, a horses lover. Called “Festive Lady” this amazing bed has found a loving home with parents who plan to enjoy the sculpture. Amber Jean is a very talented artist who discovered his talent in childhood and created over time a great collection of artwork.


“I created a life-size figurative sculpture in steel when I was 16 and taught myself to carve with a chainsaw while in my 20’s. I have a lucky knack for a variety of media…even carved huge sculptures for Nestle out of chocolate. My life and art have been featured in several books and articles along with a few radio and TV appearances. The DIY network filmed a half hour show about my work for their woodcarving series. WOOD Magazine has declared me one of America’s “Woodworking Greats.”

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9 Responses to “Festive Lady: an Absolutely Amazing Bed Created by Amber Jean”

  1. Cindy says:

    This would also be good, if deer were on the bed.

  2. Felecia Satin says:

    You are the most amazing artist I have ever seen ! I would be so honored to buy one of your horse items…..I LOVE the fabulous bed with log and horses……..Looking forward to receiving your newsletter.

  3. Tonda says:

    How much would a bed like this cost and where would I get one.

  4. melissa says:

    I would like to know also price and where I can purchase from please

  5. Yvonne Ng says:

    Hi Sir,

    Amazing artist that I found. I am a horse lover.
    Could you provide me more details about your mattress design and info.

    I hope can hear from you soon.


  6. Alice Charoonsak says:

    Love the Festive Lady bed. I too would like to know the purchase price. It is absolutely beautiful!

  7. Nancy Edwards says:

    Beautiful bed design!

  8. Juanita Jennings says:

    Your work is beautiful. I would like to know more about how to own one of these beautiful peices. I’ve always been a horse lover I was raised on a farm.
    Thank you for you time

  9. Tom says:

    Price and where do you get one

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