Creative Firewood Stove From Plastic Chairs

Have you ever wondered how would it be to have your very own handmade stove in your kitchen? If this is your dream, then you can be a step closer to it after watching this cool tutorial on how to make your firewood stove.
The best part about this is that you will be using recycled materials, such as a plastic chair, reducing your carbon footprint and repurposing old objects. To make the cement stove you will first start with an unexpected supply, such as polystyrene, which will help you insulate the stove and capture the heat inside.
After adding the isolator, you will create the outside structure which will then be finished by turning the cement over the plastic chair. Of course, the entire process is a bit more complicated than this short description, but that’s why you have this useful tutorial to help guide you through each step. Once you’ll get a hang of it, you’ll want to set up your kitchen cement stove and invite your friends over for a barbecue.

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