Float-A-Poo Dog Waste Disposal System Uses Helium To Float Dog Poo Away Forever

Introducing Float-A-Poo, a dog waste disposal system that takes a whimsical approach to handle the not-so-pleasant task of picking up after your furry friend. This unique system harnesses the power of helium to give the illusion that dog poop is floating away, adding a touch of humor to an otherwise mundane chore. The Float-A-Poo kit includes a 50ml helium canister, which is capable of inflating approximately 4-6 dog poop bags, ensuring you’ll have plenty of laughter-inducing moments.

It’s important to note that Float-A-Poo is intended purely as a prank box and should not be used to encourage irresponsible behavior or the neglect of proper waste disposal. Responsible dog ownership means promptly cleaning up after your pet and ensuring their waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner.

While Float-A-Poo may bring a lighthearted twist to the task at hand, it is crucial to remember that dog waste should be properly bagged and discarded in designated waste units.

If you couldn’t guess by now… yes the Float-A-Poo is indeed a prank gift box. It allows you to stick your real gift for someone inside the box and watch the reaction as the initially open the gift from its wrapping paper. We’ve posted tons of prank gift boxes in the past, and they just keep getting better and funnier.

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