Floating Off-Grid Tiny House

Ever wanted a lake-house or tiny cabin by the lake? This next design is not only near the lake, but it’s actually on a lake which makes it even more spectacular. It’s a floating, off-the-grid design created by the Russian company called Bio Architects. The house is a prefabricated one and design to sustain itself on water and runs on solar power. It can be also built on land, but being surrounded by water is way more adventurous and unique. The entire tiny house has a floor space of only 16 square meters and a 7 square meter deck and its floating pontoons are helpful when it comes to securing it in one place. The house is made out of laminated wood and several other materials, but polyurethane foam was used as an insulator. The finishing of the exterior was made using aluminum sheets which also give the house a very Nordic and clean feel. Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself the stunning interior of this charming lake house.


prototype of compact modular house, designed for installation in tight spaces and extreme conditions.

Source: BIO Architects. Photos by Vlad Mitrichev

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