Folk and Flora Lighting Collection Is Earthy, Sophisticated Illumination

The Folk and Flora Lighting Collection, envisioned by the talented artist and vintage curator Carmen Nash, presents an exquisite blend of earthy sophistication and timeless illumination. Nash’s creative journey, influenced by her exposure to luxury design and rooted in her spirituality and Black Southern heritage, has resulted in a collection that seamlessly weaves together elements of folk art stories and personal storytelling. The eight lamps within the collection are crafted from a harmonious mix of natural materials, including abaca and terracotta, creating a visual tapestry that reflects Nash’s unique design perspective. Each lamp, a visual narrative in itself, evokes emotions and thoughts, bridging the gap between art and function.

Among the standout pieces in the Folk and Flora Collection are four distinct lamps that showcase the range and depth of Nash’s design prowess. Morri, paying tribute to novelist Toni Morrison, features a charred wood lamp base with a twisting neck and a woven natural abaca string shade, creating an unexpectedly inviting ambiance. Seyla embraces the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, with its hand-sculpted Ancient Terracotta body and a woven abaca shade that balances material and aesthetics. Pecola, inspired by folk art, boasts graphic etchings, curves, and a large ash ceramic base, resembling a cherished treasure. Soloma, named after Toni Morrison’s “Song of Solomon,” captivates with its sculptural form crafted entirely from Artisan White ceramic, and the irregular edge of the dome-shaped shade adds a regal touch when illuminated. The Folk and Flora Collection transcends conventional lighting, becoming an artful expression that resonates with beauty and meaning.

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