Garden Igloo designed both as a winter garden and a summer canopy


Having a garden is such a big advantage, as it is an extra space that can be organized in any way you desire. If you want to create an intimate and protected space in your garden, here’s a stunning idea. This beautiful canopy is called Garden Igloo and it is a transparent, canopy-like structure that helps you create a very private and welcoming space in your garden. The transparent and dome shape of the igloo, lets you see the entire scenery surrounding you and even go out in the night and watch the stars. The Garden Igloo is seven foot tall and has a sustaining frame, but the best part about it is that it can be used in every season, as it has a cover for winter and can be opened in the summer. So if you are looking for a really cool canopy for your garden and a spot for your upcoming parties, the Garden Igloo is a must have!







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