Summerhouse, Gata Hrunmannahreppur – by ASK Arkitektar


A lot of architectural adventures nowadays seem to go exploring towards the co-habitation of human and nature. With an ever more creativity, designers and especially home designers have imagined ways in which people can live in nature or surrounded by nature without having to lower their comfort and living standards. The same care for pleasant interior and modern fittings was present in this earth sheltered home, located in Gata, Hrunamannahreppi. From the outside, the residence melts into the landscape gently. Its facade is made from wood and glass, with the roof being fitted with natural turf, as you can see in the pictures. Browse the entire set of photos to get a better look of this isolated and splendid looking home.

A 0636

Nominated to the European Mies van der Rohe prize 2007 on behalf of Iceland (European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture).




A 0660

A 0631


Office adress/Besöksadresse: Biskup Gunnerudsgate 2, Oslo
Telephone/Telefon: 0047 466 53 368
Director/Daglig leder: Sigríður Halldórsdóttir (

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