German City Installs Sleep Pods for Homeless

Being homeless is a burden in itself, not to mention that in the cold season it can be even more painful. Low temperatures pose real life-threats to people living on the streets, so city councils are constantly searching for alternative shelter solutions in the Winter.
Germany has a population of almost 860,000 homeless people and a company from Ulm is leading the way in building safe spaces for people living on the streets.

Ulmer Nest created a line of solar-powered sleeping pods that can keep people living on the streets warm, and most importantly, safe. The pods were first installed in January 2020 in Ulm, they are made from wood and steel and can host 2 people.
These nests offer protection in any weather and even have solar-panels for heating purposes. There is also a lock on the inside and a motion sensor, so social workers can be alerted after a person leaves and the pod needs to be cleaned.
Ulmer Nest thought about every tiny detail and even installed a radio network in case people need assistance.
The idea behind the pods is to serve those in an emergency, and it does not solve the problem of homelessness permanently but is still a big help for those in desperate need of shelter.

3 Responses to “German City Installs Sleep Pods for Homeless”

  1. Terry says:

    Send me any and all info on this
    Price cost any blueprints
    Thank u

  2. Marilyn Thomas says:

    Its a start and an awesome idea , its so important to show homeless ppl that ppl do care , bcuz we don’t know why they got to that point. Change makes a differences God bless.

  3. Cecila says:

    Amazing design. An answer to where the homeless can rest safely & still be warm during the cold.

    If only U.S. cities had these!

    Thank You! You are a genius!

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