This Giant Hanging Sloth Lounger Looks Like The Ultimate Relaxation Spot

Sloths are well-known for their laziness and they are the sole embodiment of relaxation. So if you want to feel 100% relaxed, just like a sloth, you need to invest in this giant hanging sloth lounger chair.
This giant lounger is perfect for sitting, chilling, and even sleeping as it has plenty of space for you to feel comfortable in it. The chair can be hung inside or outdoors, you’ll just need to install the branch above you and hang the sloth lounger on it.



You can use the stomach of the sloth for naps or simply hang onto one of its giant arms or legs. The lounger is part of an art collection designed by a South African artist called Porky Hefer and it is the result of a brilliant collaboration between New York’s Schiff Fine Art and Cape Town’s Southern Guild.
The sales of the exhibition will all fund the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, aiming to raise awareness about all the endangered species around the world.
The hanging lounge chair collection also features other giant animal furniture pieces, such as a polar bear, a great whale, a blue whale, and other species which have seen an alarming decline in their population over the years. Such an original idea of how to connect citizens with the conservationist movement around the world.

In collaboration with SFA Advisory and Southern Guild  Design Miami/Basel from 12-17 June 2018.

The exhibition, commissioned by SFA Advisory to benefit the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF), showcased a series of seating environments depicting endangered species.

The sculptures, which depict an orangutan, a polar bear, a sloth, a blue whale, and a great white shark, are made of eco-friendly and recycled materials.

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