Giant Jansport Backpack

This ridiculously large and funny-looking bag can be a great gift idea for someone who likes to travel and appreciates a good prank. The bag was originally designed as a novelty bag for Jansport and used mostly as a gift in their giveaways, but eBay still has some listings available if you want to surprise someone with it.
The huge bag can fit everything you might need on a hike, even a tent and your friends accompanying you on the road. Some might say you could even prank the low-cost airlines and use it to take advantage of their one-bag policy.
The Internet features a lot of pictures of people trying on the immense bag and posting fun selfies with hilarious captions. And if this is not enough info to convince you to order one, you might want to know that the Jansport bag comes in two different sizes, one which is 5 feet long and another one which is 3 feet long.
But if you think this is still not enough storage space for you, the bag has a smaller pocket which is about the size of a regular backpack.

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