Giant New Nazca Lines Are Discovered in Peru Through Use of AI

In a groundbreaking discovery that has captured the world’s imagination, researchers from IBM Japan and Yamagata University have uncovered a series of giant new Nazca lines in Peru, thanks to the innovative use of AI technology.
Armed with an AI tool capable of analyzing vast amounts of aerial footage, the team scanned the landscape with unprecedented precision, unveiling these enigmatic and intricate geoglyphs that were previously unknown.
These newly discovered Nazca lines have opened a world of possibilities for archaeologists and historians, offering fresh insights into the ancient civilization that created them. The intricate patterns depict a range of geometric shapes, animals, and human figures, showcasing the immense artistic and cultural achievements of the Nazca people.
This discovery has sparked excitement and fascination worldwide, as it not only expands our knowledge of the Nazca culture but also highlights the potential of AI technology in uncovering hidden treasures from the past.

The newly discovered geogylphs. (Photo: M Sakai, et al. )

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