Glamping Cocoons: Relaxing and warm atmosphere, surrounded by nature


Camping has gone a long way since the days you only needed a free surface in the woods to set up for a nice relaxing weekend. Now, comfort is considered much more and those who want to spend quality time camping will definitely take these factors into account. With insulated floor and roof, the Glamping Cocoons you see on this website, comfort is 100% assured. In comparison, regular tents will not be able to offer you this level of relaxation. In the cocoons your nights won’t be freezing cold anymore, just as well as your days will no longer be extremely hot. The size it comes in is 3 by 3 meters. It also comes at a high cost, of course, but that’s what glamping is all about: extra comfort at an extra cost. Check out all of the details and features of the cocoon.



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