Grain Silo Converted Into A Texas Loft Apartment


Grain silo homes become more and more popular in the States and not only, and you can find plenty of inspiration on the web. This stylish Texas Inn is a great example and its remodeled interior is a nice example of the infinite possibilities a grain silo can offer. The silo had been owned by Edwin Hanz and now (since 2007) is used for accomodation by the Gruene Homestead Inn. The silo is comprised of one bedroom, a living area and a bathroom and the price per night varies from $175 to $210 (It can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children 12 years or younger). The design of the interior is warm and friendly, as the owner managed to create a familiar atmosphere so the guests can easily feel like home. Take a look at the pictures and book yourself a night in this cozy grain silo vacation house… Pin it !






  • Pat Forbess on said:

    This is gorgeous. I would love to own one of these tiny houses. They’d be perfect for me. But, alas, money (SS) is always a problem with indigents. At least, I get to see the beautiful and unique pictures. Thank you.

  • Marlene jones on said:

    Hmmmm i saw the one window behind the bed. Are there any other windows? Its gorgeous inside. That stair case is beautiful. The bedroom looks spacious.

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