Grow Veggies Right in Your Kitchen With Nano Garden

The Kitchen Nano Garden by Hyundai is an awesome concept for growing a vegetable garden right in your kitchen! Because there is no help from sun or rain, it’s up to you how quickly you want your veggies to grow. So, light, water and nutrient supply is totally controllable.
The concept takes tiered metal shelving, purposefully-directed lights, climate controlled panels and an attachment to a water source.
The potential for sustainably growing all of your own vegetables and herbs is definitely impressive, even if you have fake sun and fake rain. This certainly fits in to the idea of keeping things local.
Would you love to try harvesting an indoor vegetable garden? Too futuristic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or find us on Facebook.


3 Responses to “Grow Veggies Right in Your Kitchen With Nano Garden”

  1. Eileen Yonathan says:

    How much is Nano Garden ?

  2. Tammy says:

    I think it is a wonderful idea. I would love for my family to have fresh veggies whenever they wanted. it looks like a good design because I try to grow stuff in the winter such as herbs, fruits, and veggies but I have a hard time keeping the veggies alive. It looks really expensive but all grow lights and greenhouses are.

  3. Maurice says:

    i want one of these!!!

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