Headwaters Camp, Big Sky, Montana


The project, Yellowstone Club’s Headwaters Camp, located in Big Sky, Montana, “is carefully cradled in a world defined by the orderly needs of program and the random artistry of nature in the extreme,” says architect Dan Turvey. Set on the edge of a series of man-made ponds, streams and falls, a rustic cabin appears to hover over the sparkling waters of a high mountain alpine lake. “Developing our Master Plan on this 22-acre parcel from among others available was a critical decision made by the owner,” Turvey added. “It wasn’t readily apparent that such potential existed on a site that lent itself more to limitations than an envisioned family encampment.”





5 Responses to “Headwaters Camp, Big Sky, Montana”

  1. carmel says:

    Do you rent this out or do retreats? Just looks so peaceful and relaxing there.

  2. Liz says:

    I want to go to there.

  3. Laura Roberts says:

    Are there more photos or plans available for this home?

  4. Coleen says:

    Hello, I’m currently looking into different building models and materials and I was wondering if the the way the roof and walls were made, what looks like simple wood planks, is still warm and energy efficient during the cold winter monthes? Thank You

  5. Kay says:

    Is this a rentable log home? If so, would appreciate contact info asap. thanks.

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