High-Tech Bed Concept


Even though you might not imagine how sleeping arrangements could change in the future, some people pictured it. And they did this in much detail, seeing the future of bed as a more organic piece of furniture which blends comfort and high-tech almost unnoticeable. The neutral colored shape of the Sleeping Tomorrow is not the only one that will revolutionize the concept of sleeping in a bed. Designer Axel Enthoven has come up with a patented knitted fabric – actual copper yarns and optical fibers are knitted in the mattress – which detects if you are too cold or too hot and offers you the appropriate application to change that. The structure is also fitted with light, speakers and other kind of sensors, which lets you enjoy an enhanced sleeping experience like you won’t find anywhere today. It truly is the bed of the future, where comfort and technology live in symbiosis. Go through the photos provided and take a glance at how tomorrow will improve your lifestyle.





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