Homeless Man Shares Tiny Room With A Dog He Met On The Streets

It is mind-blowing that there are still people who would hurt animals, and do not recognize them as sentient beings with a right to a decent life. With animal cruelty being a constant discussion in the public sphere, animal rights activists still have a lot of hardship to face in the upcoming years.
So, when heartwarming stories like this next one come to the public’s attention, hope is instantly reinstalled. Marcus is a homeless man who has been living on the hard streets of Skid Row, Los Angeles, and that’s the place where he met his best friend, Pickles, the dog.

“He essentially shares everything with him, and they go everywhere together,” John said.

Photographer John Hwang managed to capture the adorable duo on camera and document their unique friendship. Marcus and John became very close after their collaboration and keep in touch regularly, so he received with joy the recent news of Marcus being eligible for government-subsidized housing.
The house he received is a tiny room with a shared bathroom, but it is still an immense upgrade from living on the streets, facing constant dangers. Since Pickles is Marcus’ best friend, he welcomed the adorable puppy into his home and now they share the space and fill it with a lot of love and positive vibes.

After Marcus and Pickles settled in their new home, John decided to pay them a visit. He didn’t inform Marcus about his intention, but right when he arrived, they were already there to greet their guest warmly.

“(Marcus) has this big smile on his face and said to me ‘I had this feeling I had to come downstairs, and here you are.’ Then we give each other a big hug,” John said.

To John’s surprise, Marcus let Pickles use most of his space. John already knew Marcus treated the dog quite nicely, but he didn’t expect the man to go above and beyond for his dear friend.

“I saw the mattress leaning up against the wall unused,” he continued. “On the floor was the dog bed, a dog bowl for food and water, and a bunch of blankets strewn out. The blankets and the dog bed were basically one big pile. There was no dog section or person section, it was just one big jumble of blankets and dog bed.”

Marcus simply explained to John that he slept on the floor. As long as he had Pickles there with him, nothing mattered.
“There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him,” Marcus said.

Note: The names of the man and his dog have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

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source: news35post.com

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