Homemade Cough Syrup


Are you looking to eliminate the chemicals from your life and live a healthier life? Then the next time you or any other family member gets a cold and has a bad cough, just prepare this homemade cough syrup and it will do miracles. All the ingredients you are going to use are natural, so you can have total control over the things you get inside your body. To make the cough syrup, you will need: a half gallon glass jar, 3 or 4 lemons, onions, honey, blackberry brandy and peppermint schnaps. Then just mix the ingredients and you’ll have a great homemade cough syrup. If you want to administer it to kids, the dosage is 1/4 tablespoons and don’t worry as there won’t be a lot of alcohol in that small spoon. For the detailed instructions, make sure you check out the link below provided by The Milk Mans Wife Blog.



Then I layer them – first lemons then onions until I have about the same amounts…


more details here…

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  1. Beth Boudreaux says:

    Can this be made as well by a smaller recipe If so can u send it’s just me but I need this desperately

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