Homemade Sandwich Cake


If you’re not that into desserts, but would love to give your party guests something to stick their teeth into. And not just some random cake you bought from the pastry, but a recipe you made yourself. Here’s a creative twist on a regular cake, especially if your friends consider sandwiches a real treat. We present you the awesome sandwich cake! With the contents you would usually find in a sandwich, but shaped like a cake, the cake featured here could make it into the most fun things you’ve tried at a party. Slicing a round piece of bread and getting rid of the crust is only the start. Just like in an ordinary cake you will need to have some sort of icing, to make the pieces stick to each other. In the end, you could leave it like it is, or decorate it with cucumbers, slices of egg and tomatoes. The first option will preserve the surprise until your guests try a bite. Make sure you check out all the steps required to make such an interesting and delicious cake, the sandwich cake!


Sandwich Cake Recipe – Ingredients by Edimdoma

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  1. dt. mandeep says:

    i like your idea for kids

  2. Marisa says:

    Eu gosto da ideia mais não consigo traduzir para portugues

  3. pamela says:

    I want to fix this, please tell me recipe

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