How To Build A Backyard Barbecue!


Expanding your home will definitely involve some costs. Improving your yard with some furniture and structures will deliver the sought effect but lower considerably the money spent. A way in which you will surely cut down on costs and still have the useful and beautiful outdoor kitchen you want is making it yourself. The backyard barbecue island you see in the pictures is a DIY project done by amateurs. The process is not an easy one, but in the following link you get all the steps necessary to raising such an impressive structure. As far as tools go you will need the following: a shovel, cement mixer, a carpenter’s level, drill, trowel, a tile cutter and a paint brush. Do take into account that a DIY project like this one will take a few weekends of work. There are elements you should plan carefully, like the drainage, so be sure to watch out for that. Check out the step-by-step tutorial featured on the next webpage to find out more. Good luck!

Step 1: lay the foundation








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