How To Build A Cozy Log Cabin For Less Than $500



What if we tell you that you could build a cozy log cabin for less than $500? Even if it sounds like science-fiction or at least some sort of scam, the structure you see in the photo respects both of the above-mentioned conditions. A man with no experience in construction took on the adventure of building his own home. He got some help from a group of young people and just 8 months later this 10 by 10 feet log cabin was complete. For the process a number of 52 logs were used as well as 9 patio stones (on which the floor was set) and 2by4s to make the support structure. If this wasn’t impressive enough, learn that the only tool put to use was a chainsaw, the rest was all done by hand! The result is quite satisfying. This example shows that you can have an inexpensive off-grid cabin in a rather short amount of time. Watch the video to see more details.




“This simple, but cozy bush cabin was constructed in my spare time, and was completed in 8 months.
I am aware that 8 months isn’t necessarily a fast building time, but keep in mind: this cabin is somewhat isolated, no machinery was used, all the logs and materials had to be carried under our shoulders, I often worked alone and in at least 3 feet of snow, I built this in my spare time when I wasn’t working 50+ hours at my jobs, or spending time with my family. And any construction project takes longer when it’s out in the bush.”  says the owner..

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  1. Geo Haralson says:

    The is cool at any price. There is something in a man’s soul that loves DIY

  2. Darren J Casey says:

    How are the logs held together.. Were the logs given 2 flat sides along the length ??

    • Dan Raleigh says:

      Good point. Can’t insulate it well otherwise, and if bark is left on, it rots, draw bugs, and results in zillions of cold, drafty gaps.

      But if it wasn’t so isolated, a 10 x10 shed costs $500 delivered from home depot, has no gaps, and can be insulated with standard materials.

      With 2×4’s inside the log walls, this IS such a shed, but with logs around it.

  3. Tammy says:

    That was soooo cool, Thank You for sharing such a great bonding experience as well! I have always wanted a log cabin.

  4. Cher says:

    Interesting structure. I can appreciate the hard work that goes into the design, planning and construction. Log cabins and homes are so beautiful. My partner can attest to this as it is his passion. And what’s impressive as well as unparalleled is that it’s all completed within half the time frame and solo!! Incredible creations every time.

  5. Bob Stone says:

    Very nice, but I’m looking at a 12′ X 16′ single story, no loft, for about same price as long as I harvest my own logs, but want a wood floor, can;t wait to start!

  6. Katt says:

    I love this, thanks for sharing.

  7. Adrienne Curcio says:

    Wow! Amazing. You should be so proud.

  8. kelley says:

    what kind of logs did you use for this project?

  9. Bradley SaintJohn says:

    The Cantel lever suport would not pass code . . and although off gridd might not worry about code . . . I would worry about it supporting any weight . .

  10. Danny says:

    Sheds from home Depot suck. There is no way a home Depot shed will be worth much in a year in the bush while a log structure will be there for a while.

  11. Danny says:

    Sheds from home Depot suck. There is no way a home Depot shed will be worth much in a year in the bush while a log structure will be there for a while.

  12. jody says:

    does that $500 number include the cost of tools such as hand saws and a chain saw?

  13. Brett Bilodeau says:

    Really cool to see man getting back to routes. Love log laid in look nothing better. When insulation is added or some do a gunite in the middle of them it provides some of the best insulated structure there is. Thank you for sharing I’ve been doing construction for 20 years and would love to do a project like this but we all know after our daily lives and a full time job on top last thing we do is something involved with our field outside of it. Def would love to get a week or two in the woods to create something cool on mental. Well done appreciate the share Los of nice easy neat ideas

  14. Brenda Tourangeau says:

    I’m very interested in building a cabin for $500

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