How To Build A Fire Truck Bunk Bed


Bunk beds are a great idea if you are looking to upgrade the room of your children. But you need to get a little creative, as a simple bunk bed won’t do trick. Instead, think of building a bunk bed with a theme, one that can be appealing to kids. Finding the right idea won’t be hard, as the Internet is full of cool bunk bed ideas. We really like this next one, with is a home-built fire truck bunk bed that will help you stay in the budget. In case your child is not a big fan of fire trucks, you can still use the next tutorial to make the structure of the bed, than customize the front according to your child’s preferences. For instance, you can turn the fire truck bunk bed into a bus or a mini-mansion. More details in the following…










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  1. June Martin says:

    Wow this Dad has done a fantastic job. I am not so creative, we recently bought a similar bunk bed with a London bus theme. Our two absolutely love it!

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