How to Build a Natural Swimming Pond












More photos are provided by Von Bubenberg on imgur

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46 Responses to “How to Build a Natural Swimming Pond”

  1. Daniel Mitjavila says:

    Where is the tutorial to build the pool…?

  2. bethany says:

    How do you keep it clean?

    • sandra says:

      these pools are supposed to keep the water clean by passing it through reeds,l too can’t see that ,but there are others you can look up

    • Yvonne says:

      Visible or invisible (other side of house/property) planted areas

  3. Jon says:

    I’m not seeing the instructions anywhere? Am I missing something?

  4. Tina says:

    i don’t see the physical instructions on how to do this. Do you have to purchase or have it done?

  5. Chelle says:

    I checked out the images on imgur but didn’t see an actual tutorial other than a few extra captions. Do you have any written instructions? Especially about the filtration system? Also, what maintenance/cleaning is required?

  6. Clayton says:

    nice, really nice!

  7. Mandy Y says:

    Thanks for sharing. There’s nothing more vital than looking after bub.

  8. gaylene waihi says:

    Is this pool legal and safe without fencing?

    • Viktoria says:

      Laws for pools and fencing vary by state and city. You’d have to check your own city ordinances, or state law.

      • spanky says:

        If you build this and don’t have a fence you are taking the chance of mega lawsuit if a kid gets in there and drowns.

  9. Lori says:

    We could google how to clean and instructions …. i din’t have a highlighted link to click…

  10. Michal says:

    Once those leves fall cleaning the rocks will not be fun at all… looks nice though

  11. Mai says:

    You have to be a bit careful where you have a natural pool. We live in the country and were pretty much set to go ahead with one until it was brought to our attention that leeches are a problem.

  12. kate says:

    No fence, unsafe, probably against building codes in US.

    • JR says:

      There is a fence all around the property. How do you figure it is unsafe?

    • Paul says:

      seriously…no, unless you’re in a freak city…why would you fence around a pool when you have a fence around your yard? Fences aren’t required for property borders, nor for pools. A fence on your property is a good idea, but isn’t a legal mandate.

      • Dawn says:

        That will vary by state and local statute. In New York State you HAVE to have a fence around the pool with a locking gate. The construction of the fence and the pool depths it is required for can vary from county to county so check with the local building inspectors.

  13. Faiz says:

    I want to ask. What did you use for the base of your swimmimg pond? Were you put concrete for the base? I can see that you are using tiles for the base. How you attached it together (not using cement?) And how you put the bricks together , you are not using any cement as well?

  14. Bob says:

    What mil thickness did you use on the pond liner and what is the felt under it? Why did you use the felt? Thanks

  15. B says:

    Uh, no body of water like this is safe without a fence.

  16. Sam-wise says:

    I see a fence around the whole property. Which photo are you looking at?

  17. Locksley says:

    I see a very large fence around the entire yard…

  18. deane says:

    by using water filteration.. look at the photo above of this page.. u can see the water filter

  19. deane says:

    They dont use concrete but its up with you if you prefer to use concrete.. watch in youtube.. there’s a lot how natural swimming pool is build

  20. Rachel says:

    I live in Florida by law if u live in a naborhood you are required to have a fence if have pool Caz if small kids around that’s why but it looks nice but now have no back yard I’d do this if I had a big yard

  21. saveryavery says:

    Those commenting it’s not safe without a fence – what are you talking about? It’s a swimming pool – who puts a fence around a swimming poll in their own back yard?

    • tattooed mama says:

      Where I live it is required by law to have a fence surrounding the swimming pool and a locking gate. It is illegal to have a door from your home opening onto a pool deck as well. This is to prevent children from drowning.

    • Amber says:

      In many countries it’s required by law. It’s to stop young children from drowning (as shocking as that may sound to you).

    • Debbie says:

      Yes in Fl. we need a fence, we had to put a 4 ft. chain link in case a child wondered in from another yard. It is required. Maybe if you have a pool cage it would be ok.

  22. Bs2000atsf says:

    What size blocks did you use, how many blocks did you have to use and how deep did you go?

  23. terryjbabe says:

    Cause some kid went into so.One yard climbed in their po and drowned. So now a lot of states,cities,counties require a fence to b put up around a pool that is more than 2 feet deep to prevent kids that belong their to not b able to drown in your pool.. The fence around his property does the trick..

  24. kaity says:

    Where I come from in ontario by law you need a high enough fence around your pool for safety features in case u go away and someone gets in it and drowns (I know right would have to be someone real dumb) but in most cases for the safety of small children!

  25. Jeanie says:

    Ok, the photos are pretty self explanatory, including the large bins for filtration, but I already have a pool. How would that work?

  26. devo says:

    Lol people who think it’s unsafe can’t swim trolololololololololololololol

  27. DT says:

    It’s appealing as shown but where we live this would become a fouled mess since ducks and geese would take it over immediately.

  28. Tadar dokio says:

    Where are the arrangements for water treatment plants?

  29. Vishampi says:

    There’s no fence, because it’s done in Switzerland, which like most world countries doesn’t require a fence around a pool (…why? You fenced the property, that’s enough.). Clicking on the link provided is a clue enough.

  30. Lol says:

    Hahahaha. He probably thinks he can get a job by being a prick. Worked for Trump.

  31. Jillaine says:

    Really Mark Craig & Master Baiter Really❓??
    You both immature stupid boys who feel the need to call someone a “C” word on a forum like this.
    Someone needs to clean out your mouths with a bar soap & you apparently need to attend an Etiquette Class!!! IDIOTS!

  32. Anne says:

    If it is fresh unchlorinated water, does it breed mosquitoes?

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