How To Build A Root Cellar – Tutorial


Building a root cellar is quite a hard task, but with the appropriate tutorial that guides you, even this project can become easy. The tutorial below will offer you a step by step guide (pictures included) of how to dig your very own root cellar. Besides this, you will also learn how to create two separate rooms, one for planting and a cold room, used as a storage unit. The surprise of the tutorial is the community that offered help for the author, namely the Amish community. He managed to purchase an astonishing wooden shed that is a very original piece and a true example of great craftsmanship. The shed cover the whole root cellar and completed the project in a unique way. For more information and the whole tutorial, do not hesitate to see the link at the end of article…





5 Responses to “How To Build A Root Cellar – Tutorial”

  1. kiki says:

    No sump pump??

  2. mommabear says:

    If you read the full article, follow the link, you’d know there is a sump pump.

  3. Daniel says:

    Wow. We are in the planning stages of a cabin build. Was planning on a root cellar under the cabin. Definitely using these plans. Any suggestions?

  4. Delwin says:

    This is bull, can’t even get to article, just want you to down load there search engine!!!!!

  5. Regina says:

    Can’t even get to the article, wtf

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