How to Build a Smokehouse




2 x 4 Cedar Wood
Black Stove Pipe
Stove Door
Concrete Blocks
Clay Bricks
Fire Bricks
Fire Clay
Door Hinges
Door Knob
Bolt Lock
2-1/2 inch Deck Screws
Wood Screws
3 pieces 16 Gauge Steal Plates
Metal Mesh

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Cedar smokehouse construction – Tools – Materials – Instructions 

155 Responses to “How to Build a Smokehouse”

  1. J Hobbs says:

    I am unable to find the list of supplies to build this and I really want to do this!! Can you please help me??

    • Thomas says:

      The measurements aren’t that hard to figure out. The bricks all come in standard sizes so if you take the base and use that for a guideline you should be able to figure out the rest. If nothing else most Lowe’s or home depot lumber specialists can look at it like I did and help you make a list for you. They will look good helping you and you get what you need, win win.

    • RickL says:

      I can’t find it either!

      • Matt says:

        Really, i dont think it has to be on the millimeter , surely tou can get aøø you need frm the picture, including close enough measurement.
        By the way, its not to have the smoke comming up frm the floor, can you guess why?

      • Phio says:

        If you can’t find basic materials, like wood planks and cinder blocks, maybe, JUST MAYBE, this project is beyond your expertise level.

    • Cindy says:

      Click on the link at the bottom of the last picture…

    • Joe-LEE says:

      next page at the bottom, took me a minute to find it as well

    • Dan says:

      Damn man. A child could figure that out.

    • jeff says:

      2 x 4 Cedar Wood
      Black Stove Pipe
      Stove Door
      Concrete Blocks
      Clay Bricks
      Fire Bricks
      Fire Clay
      Door Hinges
      Door Knob
      Bolt Lock
      2-1/2 inch Deck Screws
      Wood Screws
      3 pieces 16 Gauge Steal Plates
      Metal Mesh

    • sfilyaw says:

      Materials: 2 x 4 Cedar Wood
      Black Stove Pipe
      Stove Door
      Concrete Blocks
      Clay Bricks
      Fire Bricks
      Fire Clay
      Door Hinges
      Door Knob
      Bolt Lock
      2-1/2 inch
      Deck Screws
      Wood Screws
      3 pieces 16 Gauge Steal Plates
      Metal Mesh

  2. Mike says:

    No slideshow? Looks really cool, but it’s annoying when you can’t click on an single image and scroll through the album image by image.

  3. Marcos Forte says:

    Please don’t encourage people to build contraptions like this, especially when they have neighbors living within breathing distance. As a person with asthma, I can attest that it would be pure torture to live near one of these.
    Study after study proves it. All available evidence clearly shows wood smoke causes and/or aggravates serious health issues from asthma to COPD, headaches to heart disease. Wood smoke contains many of the same chemicals as cigarettes, and the chemicals are active in the body much longer. Wood smoke is a cause of cancer. Wood smoke creates a physical barrier that deprives people of their basic right to clean, breathable air on both public and private property. It’s an attack on our property rights, our lungs, and our quality of life. It’s time to educate others so we can all breathe easier and live longer. This is not a “right to burn” issue. This is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE as well as a matter of standing up for our RIGHT TO THE MOST BASIC ELEMENT NEEDED FOR SURVIVAL: CLEAN AIR. Without air, nothing much else matters.”

    • Thos says:

      Wow… were you dropped on your head when you were a child? Proper smoking techniques produce only a bit of thin blue smoke, not black or white smoke. Do you drive a vehicle? Maybe you should stop. The exhaust is much more toxic than your neighbor’s smokehouse. Smoke on folks.


      • Farmer Sue says:

        Good grief…. if wood smoke is so bad for you we would not have survived as a species as we would have all succumbed to cancer long ago. Go piss & moan somewhere else……. and quit breathing my air!

    • Redneck bob says:

      Hey how about you stfu nobody cares about your health issues take you complain somewhere else !

    • Lance Uppercut says:

      You should move to an island. Stop whining and retrying to ruin our fun.

      • larry cosgrove says:

        please don’t send her to an island because I live on an island,an i sure as hell don’t want anything like that living next to me.thank you very much

    • Matt says:

      You sound like a typical liberal because I dont like you then you shouldnt have it give it a rest if people want to build this in their backyard thats there business. Its not going to have a ton of smoke coming out if its done right.

    • paul says:

      bull shit…for those of us who live in rural areas this is an awesome design and very useful to those who choose to raise their own foods… this is obviously something not meant for urban areas… i am an anti GMO grower and natural meat raiser. and the “carcinogens” received by smoked meats? they are far FAR less than the toxic chemicals you get with sodium nitrates that they use to preserve most processed meats. as to the “wood smoke” pollution… that occurs naturally in forest fires, which world wide have been suppressed to the point that deadbrush build up has occurred to the point of causing the massive out of control forest fires all over the world. get your facts straight before spouting off about things you obviously have no understanding of and how dare you suggest that the only people who would use such a structure are inbred mountain people… my property, my rules… you dont like it, dont use it… but dont foist yer uneducated brainwashed nonsense on others… this isnt a debate column, its a place to get home design ideas…

    • JudgeManWhore says:

      Quit yer bitching pussy…

    • Meyer C. Dhoates says:

      I wish I lived next door to you. I would build three of these just to aggrevate you.

    • Howard says:

      My wife, a nurse and my son both have severe asthma. Having first hand experience with both asthma and bbq/smoking, I can tell you that you are patently wrong. Now, having said that, I will back up a bit. I do not have them outside when I am starting a fire to cook, nor in the first 15 to say, 30 minutes it’s getting started. I’ll grant you, in that time period it will be difficult for them. HOWEVER, after that, if I’m good enough at building a fire, and I am, it should be a clean-burning fire with so little smoke as to be negligible. They have had no issues with my smoker. If your neighbor’s smoke is so thick it is causing you issues, perhaps it’s your neighbor’s lack of ability to build a fire. NOT the hobby itself, or maybe they didn’t build where they were supposed to, again your neighbor’s fault, not the hobby.

    • Dan says:

      So what about the 12% of American families that rely on wood burning stoves to heat there homes? Are they supposed to go cold cause someone doesn’t like it? Sounds like a more basic right then i don’t want to smell or see that. How about the apple wood smoked bacon that’s on your “so unhealthy it wall cause a hearth attack” hamburger. Why would you want to limit a persons ability to cook and PRESERVE food to feed their family. Also if you have asthma or COPD what the hell do you have your windows open for anyway since the allergens and other things in the air will aggravate your condition just as much anyway. Oh and as a medical professional if you have COPD there is about a 90% chance you got it from smoking so i think you right to clean air was waved when you lit up that cigarette.

      • Erin says:

        I don’t know how I found this article and I really have no idea why I started reading the comments, but Dan, you just made my day.

      • Ivy says:

        I burn with wood..wood is a natural product…no additives, since the beginning of time its been wood…if you’re lost in the woods…you cant order oil or electricity to keep you warm. So maybe if wood is so wrong for some…then maybe bbqing is bad too since it puts smoke in the air.
        Thanks Dan for sticking up for wood burning.

      • Tom says:

        Without taking sides here, just wanted to add that I have adult onset asthma, constrictive bronchiolitus, and will likely have COPD in time. All from exposure to chemicals in the air during deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

        You sound awfully quick to judge, especially as a health care professional.

        I love a good smoked meat, and the coziness of a wood stove. But I also like to breath. Just going to leave it at all.

    • Roger says:

      I hate how people always try to deny others their right to life, liberty, and happiness because of what they want. If you don’t want to be affected move somewhere in the middle of 20 acres and build a bubble to live in. I can promise you that the industrial pollution from factories and vehicles far outweigh the effects of a little smoker. You are really off your rocker.

    • HarleyMike says:

      Sheeessshhh!!!, Lighten up…

    • A. W. Smith says:

      Wow ?!?

    • Rick says:

      Next time your neighbor is smoking a pork butt or whatever has upset you, maybe you should stay inside where your HVAC can clean the air you breathe.

    • Mike Jones says:

      This is a funny troll LOL. I bet it took a while for you to write this out and it certainly made me laugh uproariously!!!! Awesome job! Write one next about how car engine noise makes family pets have nervous breakdowns or something you’re pretty good at this!

      • Jules says:

        LMAO @ Mike Jones…. in that vein I should sue God for making storms because they scare the crap out of my little dog every time there’s thunder. Made my day! 😀

    • Dave says:

      Please tell me your joking Marcos. Let me start by saying that I don’t want to make asthma sound like a joke. My 4 yr old son has asthma so I know first hand what that entails. But I can also tell you that when I’m firing up the grill (or a ‘contraption’ like the one in the article) he’s the first one out there with me. Haven’t had an attack yet so you need to calm down.

    • Clay says:

      I wish you lived next to me. I would build this and use it only when up wind. THIS is what is wrong with our world and why we have a generation of whiners.

      • Jon says:

        maybe your response is also what’s wrong with the world. It is not tging to disagree, it is another to say you would go out of your way to make the other person uncomfortable.

    • Steve says:

      Marcos, feel free to go take a shit and fall back in it! Dumb Ass!

    • Randy says:

      WOW….. you need to do some research before you go off on an issue you know nothing about, I have Emphysema, apnea and COPD…..I also SMOKE my own meats and have done so for years. my family and friends love when i fire up the smoker in my yard the neighbors not only love it they bring eats for me to smoke from fresh fish to beef to pork to wild game, i dont have to fill any yards with heavy smoke in order to cure meats of any kind. i used to live in a suburb and now live in the sticks and my neighbors form the old hood come to me STILL and ask when will i fire up the smoker for fall curing. some one needs to relax and check their sources…….and by the way this smoker works GREAT I have 2 smokers ( one like this but larger) and one I made out of a 55 gla drum. have a great day and please remember…think before you type

    • Hal says:

      You’re a *** nutterbutter. I understand if you personally have asthma so severe that the smoke produced from an outdoor fire is enough to cause you personally a severe asthmatic incident but if you’re that sensitive you might consider going to live in a bubble rather than turning your personal medical problem into some kind of weird civil liberties issue. The ill effects of breathing concentrated wood smoke in an enclosed area are obvious but if its ventilated into the air in general, in small doses, in a well ventilated area then I have SERIOUS doubts as to the validity of the science that you seem so convinced supports your argument. Your whole tone smacks of those weird vegan alarmist oddballs that claim you can taste the fear in an animals meat when you eat it. You and your weird *** conspiracy theorist *** whole-world-phobes are *** up America by distracting people with fad revelations that serve no purpose but to engrandize your egos and distract people from legitimate threats to health heart and home. Go die you *** idiot. In a natural world where man never developed fire or medicine and the air was crisp and virgin clean like you want it to be now but are deprived of because of icky yucky fire take comfort knowing that your absurdly sensitive lungs would have likely given out before you reached adulthood because the only reason youre alive today is because woodfires and walls were invented to keep out the cold and allow us time and shelter to develop inhalers and save your miserable life.

    • charcoal says:

      Really you are hear why?

    • The Rabbi says:

      I assume this is your attempt at humour Marcos. You failed. I know you can’t be as stupid as this comment. Stay well (perhaps just stay in your bubble in Antartica) Cheers.

    • me myself says:

      studies also prove your a pussy and need to get a life

    • drew says:

      please for the sake of every non halfwit, and all that is still free and good on this earth, consider sterilization. you are too far gone too help, but the next generation may benefit from your lack of contribution to the gene pool.

    • Larry says:

      I am sorry you have problems. However doesn’t your neighbors have right too? Land of the free?

    • Health Department says:

      It has come to our attention that you object to people building these so-called “contraptions”. While we appreciate your fervor and enthusiasm we kindly ask that you get over yourself, and mind your own damn business.

      We would further like to inform you that you are the type of neighbor we all despise. If you are unhappy with our assessment, you are welcome to move to your own plastic bubble where you may be supreme ruler, sovereign, and the king high asshole you wish to be.

      Warmest regards,
      The Health Department

    • Dugg in NH says:

      You sir are a friggen idiot!

    • Hobo says:

      Shut the fuk up.. can’t stand the heat, get outa the kitchen.. in other words MOVE.

    • Max says:

      Do you drive a car? Do you use electricity off the main grid? Stop being a hypocrite … there are plenty of your own activities that contribute the same pollutants you are bitching about.

      If you are that sensitive, you should live in a bubble.
      Finally, you should stop trolling sites like this; you clearly are not someone interested in these topics other than to serve as a prissy agitator.

    • Doc says:

      My goodness..!!! Another Left Winger, & his futile opinions… Actually there isn’t really too much wrong with Left Wingers, except they all know so many things, that just are not so..!!!

    • Tyrsig says:

      Marcos Forte, I understand you may have asthma, a neighbor may have asthma, but your medical condition does not trump the right of other people. And I say this as an asthmatic, and a hunter who uses a smokehouse, and a barbeque grill as well as a fire place. Stop the bullshit already. You live in an area that uses motorized vehicles as its primary source of transportation, you yourself probably at some point engage in using said motorized transportation, which causes more carbon dioxide than a fire does…which is the real culprit when it comes to being asthmatic. So unless you live in a sterile clean room that is sealed off from the rest of society, stop it, you look like a whiny fool. Take someone like myself, I raise my own food, I hunt my own food. I do not use a grocery market for any aspect of my living. I smoke my meats to preserve them. I do this also to provide food for my wife, my 2 biological children and the currently three foster children who live with us. By your logic I would not be able to provide for them. So again…your problem, you need to find a solution for it rather than force someone who may have a need for this to change their way to accommodate you. Very selfish indeed.

      • Jules says:

        Hi Tyrsig, can you recommend some good sites where I can learn more about making my own food? Wanting to become completely self-sufficient over time for a family of 4. Cheers

    • matt says:

      Mind your own damn business and don’t worry what your neibors do! You are a prime example of what is wrong with our country! If you were my neibor I would have a fire every day and buy fans to blow the smoke your way.

    • Don says:

      You are just a self centered crying left wing liberal, who believes that what you want trumps what anyone else may want. If breathing a little smoke bothers you that much, keep your ass inside. All you people know is that when ever something is done that you do not approve of its an invasion on your property, you, your environment, and every thing else. I hate people like you

    • nobody likes you says:

      you sound exactly like an idiot that the town i live in ran out of town and back to california for the same type of thinking. i would have thought that the fumes from your own BS would have more of an effect on your so called health problems. if the air is a problem to you how about you do the world a favor and just stop breathing please. you have to be the only living thing on this chunk of dirt floating in space that would gripe about someone smoking meats. i mean the sweet aroma is the second best thing about smoking, only to eating it of course. so i end this rant on this thought. do you gripe like this just to hear yourself and do a check to see if you’re still alive?

    • Dennis says:

      I have asthma i do own a smoke house friends & nourbers use it people need to get their head out of their ass and live life

    • Donnie says:

      I wished you lived by me you stupid ass would be moving pretty Quick !!!WOW are you kidding me ?

    • Rural Will says:

      WHAAAA……… you bleeding heart tree hugging lifeless freedom preventing liberal…if a smokehouse and/or natural food is not your forte Mr. Forte…that’s alright. Enjoy your over-processed, over-regulated grocery store so-called food products! Have you ever considered that your health problems may be hereditary, or a result of the over-processed crap you ingest, or perhaps the stress you create for yourself with over-concern what are others are doing to evade you space with an obvious lack of knowledge?! Probably not! You and everyone like you should create and move into your own life-controlling purpose built over-regulated communities to enjoy your pathetic hapless lives…yet, y’all will still find something more about your neighbors you don’t like to further regulate. WHAAA… I for one don’t give a damn how liberal you are or political affiliation, put your big-boy panties on! Find real solutions to your problems, change your attitude search inside for real and natural resolutions and stop trying to regulate and control everyone else!

    • Neighbour_hobo says:

      In a widely published medical journal a few years back, it was written that curing meat by smoking it was a healthy option.
      About the neighbours…. invite them over, fill their faces with cured meats along with a few pints of golden love.

    • Me says:

      You are a cancer.

    • Ernest says:

      BOO HOO Marcus Forte..what a dingleberry you are!

    • Gary Beran says:


    • Facepalm says:

      You’re probably a vegetarian too, and wish you could eat bacon

    • Evan says:

      Your a fucking retard my friend. Go live in a bubble or with the monkeys in ferguson

    • troy says:

      You are a dumb ass

    • sam says:

      When I was young we heated with coal and now all I heat my home with is wood and no one in my family was ever harmed from the smoke and neither was our neighbors. Build the smoke house don’t listen to those that say you are going to harm humanity and the earth.

    • Tim says:

      I hope a couple of coal rollers move in on your street.

    • Kelly says:

      Marcos it’s fairly safe to say that you wasted your time with your long winded rant. Nobody gives a shit.

    • Spenny says:

      You’re a complete and utter idiot. In fact, i’ve never met such a person that personifies the word moron. You keep your fat idiotic head away from my smoke-shack vent, and ill keep my gun from shooting a little rock salt into your ass. (wouldnt want to hit whats left of your brain anyways)

    • Charles says:

      I live in Florida on a 1/8 acre lot and no matter what you do anywhere in the world you will never please everyone. My 1/8 acre of land and the problem with my well when I was replacing my well pump on a artesian well that probably dumped 10000 gallons of water on the ground before I could get the ne pump back in the well and button it up I got a visit from the city zoning officer telling me that he had a complaint from a neighbor that Knew that I would F#@%&^*( ) up the aquifer . Do you get the picture yet ?
      People will find an excuse for anything to b _ _ _ H about. Suck it up or move. If you move then you better get a report from every person living in the area. Then make up your mind.

    • beverly says:

      Really always a whinner get a grip! I have a wood stove in my house and I have asthma and it does not bother me how did you aquire asthma smoking? No I did not ever smoke and I am just fine with wood burning and really outside omg some people rant over!!!!

    • Kurt Savage says:

      As a person that has asthma, get the hell over yourself you little freak of puss!

      I, a person that grew up with Asthma, am going to build this. You, you little freak of a crap monster can continue to wallow in your cesspool of self pity.

      The world does not, and never will, revolve around your likes, dislikes, needs and desires.
      So get over yourself and stop crying a river for your position!

    • Teal says:

      What do you mean, trust science. You must have been dropped or thrown down as a baby. I have so much to say to you but today I’m feeling civil not sybil. Close your windows and mind your own B.s

    • Matt says:

      If your neighbor is using a smoker or smokehouse and it bothers you, then maybe you should ask them to use it farther from your home or light it at a time when you wouldn’t be in the yard. The smokehouse doesn’t put out much smoke once it is started. Your neighbor may not be aware of your sensitivity, and would probably be ok with your request, unless you are confrontational with your approach or they are an unreasonable person.

      What I am saying is be direct and respectful with the person who might be doing something that you don’t like, and they will most likely be reasonable with your suggestion. They may not realize that what they are doing is bothering you, and had no intention of bothering you. They want to live in peace just as you.

      On a side note, you reference studies in your post, but fail to give a reference. The statement of “Trust the science” has no merit, because references to the studies are absent. Please provide references to scientific articles by a creditable, recognized organizations that have done these studies. Don’t expect others to do the research to support or deny your claim. Your post is not relevant to the build of a smokehouse, and as a result has been negatively received.

      My 2 cents.

    • chris says:

      are you just stupid or what no diff then someone bbqing in back yard oh wait r u against that as well!! cry else where the world does not need to cater to you!!

    • Friendlypest says:

      There is nothing wrong with having one of these. It is no different than using a burn pit or a campfire. What would you do if all you had to heat your home with was a wood stove or a fire place??? What pollutes the air so bad is all the vehicles on the roads. Firewood smoke may be bad if literally inhaled, but it does not stay around forever. Do not try to make a good thing look bad. For Christ’s sake why does everyone have to be so frigging offended over stupid shit??? Grow up!!!!

    • Randy says:

      What about people who use wood to heat their homes. Are you against that too??

    • jeff yarger says:

      Good thing you don’t live where there’s coal mines. A lot of people in Southeast Ohio use wood to heat with.

    • Jules says:

      Someone better sue Australia then as fire is part of our natural environment here… most of our native trees only propagate AFTER a fire has gone through as the seeds require ultra high temperatures to germinate.

    • Harry says:

      I think you are on the wrong site Marcos!

    • Entertaining Thread says:

      Wow. Who would have thought comments about building a wood smoker could be so entertaining?

    • GroverMax says:

      It’s not like everyone lives near an asthmatic…those that do suffer from breathing irregularities, I can empathize with them, should be responsible enough to forwarn their neighbors to prevent problems. Solutions and accommodations can be reached if people work together.

    • morgan says:

      MOVE. It is my right to smoke if I want to. I have 4 smokers sitting on my back patio now. If you don’t like it move are stay inside

  4. joshua stanley says:


  5. Darwin says:

    This must be the best smelling neighborhood in the world. How do you stop the drooling neighbors from jumping the fence! Disregard the weak link in the chain. Keep on Smoking meats the way God intended. Poor bastard probably wouldn’t have asthma if society would have kept preservation in the family.

  6. David says:

    Please provide the list of supplies. They’re not on this website.

  7. Lawrence Stump says:

    Without food you die, suck it up Marcos.

  8. Joshua says:

    Marcos, why are you even on this website? How/why did you end up on a Web page talking about smoking meat? Sorry man, but when I want to fire up my grill or smoker to feed my family I am going to do it. And no one will stop me from doing so.

  9. Rick says:

    This is a must for any BBQ enthusiast.

  10. Windknot says:

    Here you go:

  11. Nunya says:

    Nobody gives a shit about your asthma Marcos…close your window.

  12. Michael says:

    i like the idea and if I had the home grown meat to do this with I would definately build this looks neat and I would build one just to see it work. As far as building something like this in a rural area vs the country I think there might be some kind of deed restriction or committe rules. But seeing how ifu lived in the country it wouldn’t matter so much. As far as the people getting aggravated asthma symptoms from bbq smoking using firewood from the trees maybe that’s gods way of population control. Whoever lives near that guy SMOKE on. It’s a hobby not an epiphany of self confirming way of life. Always with the negative waves moriarty. Your bring the rest of us down. Go cry in your crib to your mommy you big baby. I have saved the pictures to my iPad and if I ever raise my own meat and would like to have it smoked this way I will build one I hope you guys do to. If nothing else it would make a great conversation piece and if you built it with your family it would be something they will remember for ever.

  13. M says:

    My dad does not have asthma…but we live in the country and the nieghbors fires apparently bother them tremendously…. however he does not eat a high vegetable diet and therefore has little to cleanse the toxins out of his body. I would imagine there are things you need to look at Marcos that could help you Bc I’m sure more than just wood smoke aggravates your condition and it may be much of lifestyle choices that are also contributing…for others bringing God into this conversation…please think about how that sounds when you simultaneously bash someone else’s opinion and proceed to name call. We have so much in this world mocking Christianity…don’t let yourself be the reason so many become athiest…especially over a wood smoker.

  14. Tom says:

    Instructions? Supply list? Dimensions? Measurements? Please… Tom

  15. Robert says:

    You know what’s unhealthy? Telling me what I can or cannot do on my land…

  16. nrodor says:

    If you don’t want to breathe it in Marcos, stop breathing. Simple!.

  17. Howard says:

    Hey I think we all should try to be a little more considerate of Marcos, so I will not be smoking any food while you in the area. As for the pile of leaves in my yard that put out unknown amounts of smoke in at neighborhoods across America well light it up.

  18. Robert says:

    Man, I would love to try this. I just don’t see the supply list or the dimensions. Could someone please tell me where I could find them. Thanks.

  19. Kris says:

    I’d love to build this. Not going to get into the burning wood debate


    I Burn 6-7 cords a season to heat my house.

  20. Frode says:

    It started with a cosy smokehouse and ended in a verbal war about asthma , smoking and personal disputes . High five fore the human rase !

  21. Big Smoke says:

    Hey Marcos can you give me your address Ive got a truck load of wood ,a carton of winstons and three cats in the truck I was gonna come hangout for a while cupcake!!!

  22. American says:

    Welcome to the political smokehouse. Liberal roasting is a specialty here. Lmboe

  23. DSane person says:

    Chill out – would be smoke housers – I never expected so many people who appreciate good food to be so mean to someone just because you dont agree – so much animosity shown here. debate is good to read and I want to know about building a smokehouse – mean personal comments are really not needed.


  24. lynafer says:

    Just for the record, I have asthma and copd and lived most of my life in an urban area where my condition at time seemed unbearable. I now live in the country with a wood burner, frequently cook outside on an open fire and my health has improved tremendously! I want one of these smoke houses!

  25. Thom Foote says:

    I suspect you could use a 55 gal barrel for the stove.

  26. smellourpits says:

    What type of heat can be produced with this design? 200 degrees? Or is this more of a cold smoke design?

  27. Odd Job says:

    I work in the indoor air quality industry every day. This includes hospitals, doctors offices, etc. I also have been smoking meat for many, many years. My wife has severe asthma, COPD, and is a cancer survivor…

    The amount of smoke created outdoors to properly smoke meat will not directly harm anyone as long as they do not place their face immediately over the smoke stack. Too much smoke indicates an improper cooking method.

    My wife, who has severe respiratory issues, often helps me to prep meat for smoking. Once we put the meat on she stands back, but only a few yards… Even when she has her most acute symptoms the smoke from our smokers would not affect her when she is inside the house or even out on the pool deck several yards away…

    Anyone who says that the small amount of smoke being released into the outdoor atmosphere is going to be an issue is incorrect.

  28. Chris says:

    The list is at the very end on the bottom of the page

  29. Chris says:

    2 x 4 Cedar Wood
    Black Stove Pipe
    Stove Door
    Concrete Blocks
    Clay Bricks
    Fire Bricks
    Fire Clay
    Door Hinges
    Door Knob
    Bolt Lock
    2-1/2 inch Deck Screws
    Wood Screws
    3 pieces 16 Gauge Steal Plates
    Metal Mesh

  30. Gary says:

    now……what results have people had? Any great rubs out there that you suggest! 😉

  31. Anonymouse says:

    I was looking for some comments about the smoker and how well it works, not quite sure where this has gone….

  32. William says:

    Kind of ironic that Marcos complains about smoke and all he gets is flames. Out of the smokehouse and into the fire??

  33. James weaver says:

    For gods sake if he doesn’t like the smoke he will absolutely hate that we will actually be smoking game animals in it, or usin the beloved Tree he’s been hugging to generare the smoke to cure the meat.

  34. says:

    You need to prepare the tools and supply the following:

    – 20 to 30 pallets

    – 2 1/2 and 1 1/4 inch screws; it must be a good outdoor screw.

    – Aluminum flashing

    – Heavy duty tin foil

    – Corrugated tin for roof for about 4’ by 3’ in size.

    – Roll of aluminum screen

    – Hinges (3)

    – Handle for door

    – Drill gun ideally a cordless one.

    – Drill bits of 1/8 bit and countersink bit

    – Reciprocal saw with bi-metal blade

    – Measuring tape/ utility knife

    – Metal/tin snips

    – Skill saw/ table saw

    – Staple gun

    – Safety glasses and work gloves.

  35. Bryan says:

    You going to give me shit for running my fireplaces as well? Sry but People survived with woodsmoke for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

  36. Karen says:

    I was wondering if you could please e-mail me about the fire, as to smoking not cooking, how much or big of a fire, all other smoke house plans I have the fire pit is a lot farther from the smoke house than this one,and way down hill from it were as the smoke rises to the smokehouse, don’t get me wrong I totally love this design, and this is what I am going to build, but I am not sure about the fire and the smoke, I guess I could build the fire pit farther from the house? thank you for your time

    • Matt says:

      Every setup is different. It would be best to do some testing. Build a fire and put a thermometer in the smokehouse to see where it goes. Scale your fire appropriately. Remember that different woods and/or different amount of seasoning of the wood will effect the temperature. A good reference for temperatures is

      The farther away the fire from the house, the cooler the smoke will be. This is desirable for a cold only smoke house. If you want to be able to cold and hot smoke, then you may not want to locate the fire too far away. The fire size can be controlled to control the temperature in the smokehouse.

  37. woodsmoker says:

    Bull crap

  38. Robert Woodhams says:

    Where does the mesh go? Also could you put the fire bricks or some kind of base under the cinder blocks so the ground is not exposed?

  39. Off Gridder says:

    Ok everyone calm down it does not have to go to stooping to his level let him be with his closed minded ideas.Now Marcos people have the right to hunt, raise ,clean and prepare their food as they please.I for one like this smoke house it was the most used method of cooking & preserving food in past times.Also this is for people such as myself and others here who take pride in preparing our own health raised meat products for our family.

    Now Marcos if you don’t understand something please ask instead of accusing

  40. Dale Williams says:

    Marcos you ignorant $lut. As Ray Wylie Hubbard sang in one of his songs- SCREW YOU I’M FROM TEXAS. That being said I can not live without smoked brisket. I now live off grid in Alaska and natives here have been smoking salmon for thousands of years. I will build one. And for what it worth I’m a LIBERAL WHO OWNS GUNS. We are all Americans and the stupid people are the ones who call others names.

  41. Big rob says:

    I was thinking buy all three houses around her and build several around her fence line left right and back

  42. says:

    You’re a joke. Don’t come to Alaska. The entire stat is smoking fish right now. You might die. Pussy

    • Anna says:

      I’m in Florida and I love my warmth but this image so makes me want to go to Alaska. Smoked fish is the best!!

  43. Caley says:

    Does anybody have pics of the fire box?…inside and out maybe as they build

  44. Road Trip Photographs says:

    Stop worrying. SMOKE your way to good health. Everything’s better with smoke. Cedar, Hickory, Oak, Applewood, Mesquite, Maple….it’s all NATURAL!

  45. Shannon says:

    You do know that many people have no choice but to use wood heat right?

  46. Cruz says:

    What a rude jackass.

  47. Greg says:

    Lol your a fool id smoke you out i have asma as well an your fulla shit just dick niebor tryin tell ppl what they can an cant do id put it beside your house have a blessed an smokie day

  48. Mark Harless says:

    How much sausage will this hold? I usually have between 70-100 pounds or so in 2 pound sticks.

  49. Steve says:

    If you don’t want to build the stove part u can just a used or new cast iron wood stove can build metal cover to keep rain off and save a lot of work building stove

  50. robert says:

    Ok I see the last pic with a list of materials but it there a number of how many of each? Guess I can just count the cinder blocks and make a list but I am at home depot on my phone and want to build this today.

  51. Gary McClard says:

    When did smoking meat become a liberal/conservative issue?!? I swear some people need to chill the hell out. It’s not like there’s a bonfire in the firebox. Meat is smoked at 110-120 degrees for 3days. A week if you want really deep smokey flavor. So, take a Xanax, eat your tofu and leave us artisans the hell out of your rants!!

  52. Jerry says:

    What an awesome design. I’m not sure I’d ever have enough meat to require an entire smokehouse, but I want it just because… ‘merica!

  53. Steve says:

    I used a old commercial stainless steel refrigerator that I found in front of a country store instead of building a buillding. Cut a hole in the bottom and ran the smoke up through there. Worked good.

  54. Anna says:

    WOW!! All this complaining over something this person won’t ever use. I WISH I had land so I could build one. I wish I could preserve meat that way. I’m an immigrant and in my home country we had a “smoke closet” connected to the chimney in the attic. I still dream of the smoked meats my dad & grandpa prepared in it. I really WISH I could get one. One day.

  55. Marc mazerolle says:

    My name is Marc and I suffer from M.c.f.t.a. (male congenital phellopian tube ache) and I also have a bad case of m.s.s.u.m.a. (mega sore stick up my ass) lol Marco you’re a blight on humanity. Do you troll these sites as a forum to make yourself heard , or is it just your way of getting off . Get off your cross . Back away from your computer . Walk out of your parents basement ,and live . That’s it just live . Don’t pay attention to what others are doing ,just go have some fun . You’re so preoccupied about your health issues , sounds like you’re already dead anyway .

  56. Lane Tanner says:

    Love this Idea.

  57. Smoke House says:

    Smoke my pole..holy crap these comments crack me up! Ha! Dude with asthma must live on McDonald’s garbage, imagine life with no bacon..

  58. tibbs says:

    Marco’s, I hope you fall off your soapbox and really hope you hurt yourself, then you would have something real to worry about! You obviously love to hear yourself talk! All I hear is blah blah blah!

  59. RichardSmoker says:

    Marcos is a troll who accomplished what he set out to do. A 2 year conversation regarding non-sense to get a rise out of people. On a positive note, the smoker in the picture is awesome and almost finished.

  60. Buddha Bacon says:

    Marcos, you said trust the science and trust someone who knows. Well, you have provided no evidence to back up either claim leaving us to trust only you. Now if you can provide one shred of evidence that smoke from smokehouses has affected anyone adversely, you might be taken a bit more seriously. As it stands, most smoker are built in the country, not in an Urban Environment, where ther most likely are more than enough laws and zoning regulations to cover this. People coming here are interested in building things, not some sort of politically correct diatribe. Now, go lay down by your dish…

  61. Matt says:

    Good grief. I came on the site to learn about smokehouses and, wouldn’t you know it, see comment after comment of irrelevant insults and references to politics???
    It’s amazing what the internet has done to society. turns the average guy into an anonymous bully.
    Anyway, looking forward to smoking the hams of as many wild hogs as I can blast. Does anybody know any good recipes?

  62. Lee Holden says:

    What a dumbass, your mother must’ve dropped you on your head as she dropped you down the dumbass tree and I’m almost certain you got every limb.

  63. Leona Clemmons says:

    There are actually a number of details like that to take into consideration. That may be a nice point to carry up. I supply the thoughts above as common inspiration however clearly there are questions just like the one you deliver up the place an important factor will likely be working in sincere good faith. I don?t know if finest practices have emerged around things like that, however I’m positive that your job is clearly recognized as a fair game. Both girls and boys feel the impact of only a moment’s pleasure, for the remainder of their lives.

  64. Cole says:

    Are you on your period?

  65. Zach B says:

    Wow. I wish I lived beside you so I could see how you reacted to everything I cooked and smoked on a grill. What a jackass

  66. Dennis says:

    Just dont squish the pipe like they did.brick needs to be suppoted

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