How To Build Your Own DIY Outdoor Wood Stove,Oven, Cooker, Grill and Smoker


Outdoor cooking will be so much fun with this next creative project. If you your hobby is cooking and summer is your favorite season, outdoor cooking and barbecuing must be between your greatest pleasures. Indeed, nothing compares to the flavor of a well-cooked outdoor meal, not to mention the atmosphere created by the surroundings. This cool DIY all-in-one outdoor cooker is also great is you have an off-the-grid lifestyle and it can be easily made by anyone at home. Luckily the supplies you are going to need are quite cheap and you only need to invest your talent and skills to build the cooker. Check out the pictures from the link and you will learn about each step of the project. Make your own outdoor all-in-one cooker in just one weekend.












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7 Responses to “How To Build Your Own DIY Outdoor Wood Stove,Oven, Cooker, Grill and Smoker”

  1. loyda says:

    Where did you find the cooking top?

  2. Peter says:

    Rubbish! I can weld, but that doesn’t make me able to cast the iron cooktop shown, and the rest is nothing without it.

  3. Kevin says:

    Um, maybe you can find an old stove top that work and build this design around that top?

  4. Thomas Russell says:

    If you are a welder it is easy to make this top . Go to a scrap metal shop and get a solid base plate cut holes in it and weld spacers so covers that you build cannot fall through.
    Cut your cover plates a little larger than your first hole . Now you have a cooking plate that you can work with

  5. Rubén Masset says:

    Genial . Muchísimas gracias por compartir semejante idea!!!Dios los bendiga

  6. Scott says:

    Ware did you get the top the iron peace from

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