How To Build Your Own Fire Pit in a Weekend for Under $200


A small gathering outside with your friends will prove some of the most awesome time you can have in your residence. To fulfill a plan like this, a fire pit might be the perfect tool; you will be surprised what a circle with a diameter of 4 ft 4″ can do in terms of outdoor entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Unwind over a few fried marshmallows next to the warm light of the fire pit. All you need for a DIY fire pit project, in terms of materials, are only 125 Bricks, 50 ft Aluminum Sheeting, four 80lb bags of Concrete and four 60lb bags of Mortar. Some duct tape or a dozen wooden stakes will prove handy in `drawing` the initial circle. A wheelbarrow and other tools (like shovel, measuring tape, garden hose, measuring tape, carpenter’s level) will give you the help you need to accomplish this simple pit. Check out the video tutorial and you will thank us later for the fun you and your friends or family are going to have around this place.

3 Responses to “How To Build Your Own Fire Pit in a Weekend for Under $200”

  1. Stickers for Cars says:

    Wonderful Project. There is nothing like sitting around the fire with friends on a cool evening. Great video. May have to make this pit in my backyard this spring.

  2. едикойси says:

    can be done even cheaper and will look more natural if you use normal stones picked up one by one on a day out in nature with the family

  3. Tom says:

    It will function a lot better if you leave some gaps in the bottom row so it can draw.

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