How To Clean A Smooth Stovetop The Frugal Way


The holidays are over so you better be prepared (physically and mentally) for the cleaning process than should begin afterward. Making sure your kitchen and all appliances are once again shinny clean will take time. Thus, it’s advised you have some tricks up your sleeve in order to have a smooth, easy and – most importantly – quick process. The stovetop is particularly a hard surface to clean and you usually end up spending more time than you originally planned for cleaning it. This following tutorial will teach you how simple it all can be. Some baking soda, a cleaning rag or towel and soapy water is all you need in terms of tools and materials. Follow the 6 steps provided and you will quickly make your stovetop clean again and can continue with returning your entire kitchen into the spotless space it was.



Clean A Smooth Stovetop the Frugal Way – 6 steps by The Make Your Own Zone

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      Clean A Smooth Stovetop the Frugal Way – 6 steps by The Make Your Own Zone

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