How To: DIY Industrial Coffee Table


Making your own decorations and furniture has become so easy nowadays. The DIY community is littered with plenty of beautiful and impressively easy to make projects. With some plumbing fixtures and pipe fittings you can even make a coffee table. Getting a piece of wooden slab is the next step. By the end you read the full tutorial, you will get so excited by the simplicity of the entire endeavor that you will begin working on it right away. You don’t have to be a carpenter or have any skills in this area in order to make a coffee table like the one featured on this webpage. Share your result with the rest of the DIY community so everybody will be encouraged to experiment in this manner. Good luck!







You’ll need:

3 – 2 x 10 cedar planks cut to 5 feet lengths
8 – flanges (1 1/4 inch diameter)
8 – 5″ length pipe (1 1/4 inch diameter) – These are the vertical pipes..

more details here….

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  1. Andrew Bugbee says:

    You people really need to learn the correct dimensions of the parts you are using. The “11/4″ pipe is really 3/4 inch pipe; nominal. The OD, (outside diameter), of 3/4” pipe is about 11/8 inches. The smaller pipe is called 1/2 inch pipe. Its OD is about 7/8 inch. If someone came to my plumbing counter looking for 11/4 pipe, I would come back with pipe that measures 15/8 inches OD. C’mon guys. With a tiny bit of research, or just by asking the counterman, you would have known this.

    • Chynna says:

      Sadly, it is men who fail to identify the correct size of pipe and lumber for that matter.
      A 2 x 4 is not 2 inches by 4 inches and pipe is also not sized to what it is called. I have no idea who originally decided to make the measurements of these construction items differ from their actual dementions. That would never fly in any other circumstances.

      • ryan says:

        simple answer, the 2″ x 4″ dimension is what the size of the board is before it goes into the plainer at the lumber yard.

  2. Cris says:

    The simplest way to get the correct pipe fitting sizes, is to ask for the trade size. At that point it doesn’t matter what the ID and the OD are. That’s the reason for giving them a trade size. Not all people deal with plumbing supplies or pipe fittings. Give them a break. I wonder how your customer service rating is?

  3. t says:

    You could explain it a little nicer.

  4. JD says:

    I agree….. especially since his wrong about the pipe sizes…..

  5. Sandra Raburn says:

    How do you get the paint to stay on the PVC pipe?

  6. Pat says:

    This is so nice, and we are making it for a gift to our daughter.
    Do you have plans for end tables?
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Jim Stockley says:

    You guys really should think about joining the METRIC SYSTEM 😉

  8. Eddie says:

    Sand it with some sandpaper and there is paint called( Fusion )paint which is made especially for Plastics which would probably stick a lot better than regular paint but you have to degloss the outside of the PVC and the paint will have something to adhere to. good look. And if you’re looking at that table that’s not PVC that’s metal that’s metal conduit for plumbing wasn’t sure if you were going to actually make a table with PVC although it would work it just won’t look as pretty as this

  9. Richard Wolf says:

    Please don’t try to pass the table off as PVC. That’s iron pipe. More disinformation. What’s wrong with you?

  10. Stefan V. says:

    Ignorance gogo. In regions with metric systems. plumbers uses inches as size values!

  11. JAMES KIBLER says:

    Not only are you wrong about dimensions, but your photos are of THREADED IRON PIPE!!!!!


  12. Chynna says:

    This does not look like PVC pipe, but metal pipe.

  13. LJ says:

    Chynna because back in the day Wood actually was 2×4. Or whatever dimension.

  14. Mariliza says:

    Indeed the pipes used on this coffee table looks like metal ones…..Wonder why they posted as…pvc.

  15. Bob says:

    That piping in the picture of the coffee table is NOT painted PVC, it is black steel threaded pipe and black steel fittings, typically used for natural gas piping. Pre cut and threaded black steel pipe and fittings has gotten substantially more expensive lately, so NOT a cheap setup, at least $100-150 for this material if not a little bit more but certainly much more sturdy than just PVC piping

  16. Michelle says:

    That is because it is metal pipe in gun metal gray. Read all the way thru what is needex & paragraph below it.

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