How To Dye Clothes With A Shibori Technique


We’ve just found out about this cool Japanese technique of fabric dyeing, called Shibori and we had to share it with you too. The technique is most commonly known as tie-dye and used whenever you want to create a stunning pattern on a cloth. One of the ways to apply the Shibori technique is to wrap a cloth around an item, then secure it with rubber bands. You will then dip the cloth in paint, let it dry and at the end remove the rubber bands. The bands will leave an amazing mark on the cloth, creating a unique pattern that will look great. The whole idea sounds a lot harder than it actually is and with a bit of practice you will master the art of Shibori easily. Visit the following link for more details and amazing ideas to inspire you in the creation of your own Shibori patterns.


“In Japan, the earliest known example of cloth dyed with a shibori technique dates from the 8th century; it is among the goods donated by the Emperor Shōmu to the Tōdai-ji in Nara.”





shibori-technique-6 more details here….

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Great idea. Would have been useful to see how each rubberbanded cloth looked after unwrapping. Kind of hard to determine which belongs to each.

  2. Ollie P. says:

    If you click the link after the last picture that says “more details here” (font is small but it’s there) the actual article does show you side by side photos of which banding turns into which pattern.

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