How To Easily Build a Gravity-Based PVC Aquaponic Garden


If you want to start gardening, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to own a garden. This statement may sound a bit peculiar at first, but let us introduce you to Aquaponics and help you understand the concept of apartment gardening. The concept of Aquaponics is based on the creation of an environment where fish (talapia) interact with plants and create the much needed fertilizer for these to grow. The plants will also clear the water, so you don’t need to worry about the floating droppings. You can build such a system right inside your home, whether you live in an apartment or a house, but first you need to buy some PVC and drill a series of holes in them. Then connect the PVCs and use cups as planters. For the whole tutorial, watch the video below and bring a corner of nature right inside your home.




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