How to Easily Clean your Washing Machine


Cleaning your washing machine can be a hard task, mostly because there are a lot of hardly accessible spots inside. Once your washing machine is used regularly it also needs to be cleaned from time to time in order to work at its full potential. You will also observe that your clothes will look much cleaner and they will smell better after this procedure. One of the nastiest problems in this case is mold, but you can easily get rid of it using bleach, warm water and a clean towel or cloth. Use gloves when handling bleach and leave the doors open afterwards for ventilation. Once you cleaned the rubber gasket, you can proceed to the detergent dispenser and clean it using vinegar and warm water. This mixture will also clean the inside of the door nicely and your washing machine will have a whole new look. For a detailed explanation on how to clean your washing machine, visit the link below.

Clean-Washing-Machine-1 How to Clean your Washing Machine Tutorial by Jenn (Clean & Scentsible)

4 Responses to “How to Easily Clean your Washing Machine”

  1. Pasquale Ostling says:

    Great post, thank for the interesting read.

  2. Camila Auvil says:

    Good article, thanks.

  3. Jenn says:

    Spraying peroxide inside the machine and around the gaskets after each was will help keep mold down.

  4. sharon says:

    Mold Armor, Bleach, Soft scrub, baking soda, krud kutter, washer magic, dishwashing powder, dawn, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, borax, washing soda…. none work.
    I expect because of hard water. Save your time and effort, order a new gasket.

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