How To Easily Remove Set In Oil Stains or Grease Stains


Oil stains are a constant issue when you like to eat or enjoy tweaking stuff around the house. A first side-effect of having such a lifestyle is the constant need to remove set in oil stains. Usually, people only wash and dry the items that are stained. And this process isn’t enough most of the times – it largely depends on the type of oil and material stained. That’s why blue dawn dish soap is used in certain cases with good results. Talcum powder proved to be a good solution as well for some people. If you want to try a solution for removing set in oil stains even though you already washed and dried, check out the next link. You will have to use Q-tips, baking soda, scrap of cardboard, an old toothbrush and dawn liquid soap (or any other liquid dish detergent). The solution has been tried on cotton with good results. You’re bound to thank us later!


How to Remove Set In Oil Stains or Grease Stains by Lisette (northern belle diaries)

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