How to Grow Lemon Trees from Seed


How would you like to have your very own lemon tree at home? This can be solved easily as you can grow your own lemon seeds and plant a tree wherever you want. We advice you to use organic lemon seeds for this project. Take one lemon, peel it and take out the seeds. Leave the seeds to dry. After that peel of the shell of each seed gently and make sure you leave the inside untouched. Buy a flower pot and soil and prepare it carefully, then plant the seeds. Add water to moisten the soil. Cover the soil entirely with pebbles and cover the flower pot with a plastic wrap. Find a warm place for the pot and leave it there. Once the lemon seeds begin to sprout remove the plastic wrap to leave enough space for your plant to grow. Don’t forget to moisten to soil regularly. Be patient and take care of your plant as it will take a long time until the first lemon will appear. It usually takes around 8-10 years for the first fruit to grow. This will be a slow process but it’s worth the wait as you will never forget the taste of the first lemon from you own tree.




  • Organic lemon seeds????
    Bogus, any lemon seed will do, doesnt matter if it is ‘organic’ or not
    If you want oan organic lemon tree (whatever that might be) make sure it grows ‘organic’. The seed makes no difference

    • Dani on said:

      No, actually it does. If you want a truly organic plant, you must buy organic seeds, as do most organic farmers. However, you do not have to buy organic seeds to grow plants organically, without pesticides, and certified organic farmers can cheat by buying non-organic seeds, unfortunately. But the plant is not truly organic without starting from the seed of an organic plant. Also, depending on the variety, or if it’s a hybrid or not, you may not get particularly tasty lemons from your lemon tree grown from store seeds. If you grow the seed of a hybrid, you don’t always get that hybrid variety from its seeds. You may get one of its parents, or who knows what.

    • Steve on said:

      They actually do matter. Seeds that are in GMO grown lemons do not produce anything. Try planting any sedd from produce you buy from, say, Walmart, and you will get nothing.

    • JULIE GAERTNER on said:

      yahoo finally someone who knows something about organic…. yea pay 15.00 more for 5 seeds just because the label says “Organic:…

  • I have grown lemon trees from ” ordernary” lemons. It works like a charm, how ever If you want lemon in your trees and not just the awsom flowers, you need to use organic seeds. Ordernary lemons seeds create sterile plants.

    • Dani on said:

      It may or may not, again, depending on the variety, if it’s a hybrid, etc. GMO lemons would create sterile seeds. Not sure what kind of GMO lemon scale we have going on right now though. It is always best to go with organic plants and seeds, to avoid GMOs and who knows what kind of health effects on us and the environment, and pesticides (scientifically proven health effects, often cancer, and allergic reactions).

  • Cheryl on said:

    That is what GMO seeds are about….Genetically modified organisms….they are made sterile, so you have to repurchase seeds. (Monsanto known world-wide for this, and a great problem) HERITAGE seeds are not genetically modified, they reproduce… Either can be raised organically – methods of growing, lacking chemical fertilizers or insecticides.

  • Adriana on said:

    The reason why they might be saying to use organic is because if you get a GMO seed it most likely will never produce.

    Or rather less wasted time on duds.

    20 years ago you could have done this with any seed with out problems. But, most GMO seed are done so they never reproduce.

  • you might both be right. Older ordinary lemon seeds might not be sterile. But newer production methods may have ordinary seeds sterile as big business interferes with our farming practices.

  • Dan P on said:

    Only ten years…you’re right you will never forget the taste because at that point it will seem like a bloody miracle!!

  • Most commercial fruit trees including lemons are grafted trees with many graft varieties. Even though you planted a Meyer lemon seed it could develop suckers from the graft variety.

  • Organic or Heirloom lemon seeds? I planted sprouting Idaho potatoes and Hatch peppers from the grocery store and got alien tubers and funky shaped peppers, definitely hybrids and do not turn out fruit that you would expect.

  • Sherwood Leko on said:

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  • Melissa Sanders on said:

    questions why do you peel the seed? ( I have never peeled a seed before but never grew lemons but thing it would be neat). After they sprout do you seperate the seedling into just one seedling per pot or do you leave them together?

  • Melissa on said:

    Organic has nothing to do with sterility, gmo or anything except that it was grown without the owner using pesticides. Certifying organic is very expensive.
    Otherwise you do need something like heirloom seeds that will produce plants.
    People just keep changing the term to suit them

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