How To Make A PVC Pipe Sand And Water Table


A play table is often a simple and quite useful solution for giving your kids some fun time. The next DIY project is not intricate and children will love it! The PVC pipe sand and water table doesn’t need that much and the assembly itself might prove a fun activity for adults as well. For the project to go smoothly, make sure you have these items: 3/4 inch PVC pipes, PVC pipe cutters, PVC glue, 10 T joints, 4 caps, 2 cross joints, 4 elbow joints with three pipe openings, 8 elbow joints, four 10 foot PVC pipes, some spray paint, 2 under-the-bed tubs. Follow the step-by-step tutorial on the link below . Maybe involve the kids in the building phase of the project, because they will definitely be there when it is finished. With all that sand thou, you might want to keep an eye on them during play time. Ready to build one?


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