How To Make: Healthy Dehydrated Fruits


Dried fruit is a healthy option for those who like sweets and want to avoid all that refined sugar from candies and chocolate. Surely, fruits contain sugar too, but they are not that harmful as the sugar from store-bought sweets. Also dried fruit that you can buy from a store can be quite expensive, so why not make a cheaper version at home that is even more delicious. You will only need some fruits and an oven to make dried fruits. If you have a fruit dehydrator your task is simpler, but an oven will do too.

Healthy-Dehydrated-Fruit-6Harvest Food Dehydrator







Healthy Dehydrated Fruit – Directions by Housing A Forest


  • Thanks for this post. I am wondering, however, if you believe that a convection could be used as a successful replacement?

    • Yes, you can use a convection oven to dehydrate. They work extremely well. Just use the lowest temperature your oven will go to (Mine for instance goes to 170 f). You will have to experiment with times, but they work very well.

    • Ann on said:

      Click on the link Healthy Dehydrated Fruit – Directions by Housing A Forest…. under the orange slices picture. hope that helped

    • Lorax on said:

      exactly what I was thinking, no temps, no time, no “flip or don’t flip” type of instructions etc. pointless. good thing I already have a dehydrator haha

    • American patriot on said:

      Agree. They should publish ways to do it using no electricity. My wife lays the trays out in our spare car. On those hot summer days a car with the windows cracked open 1 inch dries the fruit just as fast as one of those fancy electric dehydrators.

  • Negitive Nelly on said:

    Maybe it’s meant to spark an idea you negative shit. Need someone to show you how to clean your own ass too?

  • Jola on said:

    You can find the proper temps for drying fruits on Pinterst , may vary depending on your oven
    Hope this is helpful

  • Lynnette on said:

    yeah..this kind of stuff pisses me off! I want to make in the oven! You say we can but don’t tell how..just BUY something!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Barnes on said:

    I don’t think those fruits in the jars are the right color. They look fresh, not dehydrated to me. I also find that mason jars let in light which contributed to deterioration in drhydrated fruits.

  • Hater of most on said:

    All these negative comments. Feeble people, just experiment. If you can’t figure it out you should stick to buying dried fruit at the store.

  • I find this article published in April 2015 to be extremely uninformative. There is virtually zero instructions on how to prepare, slice, pre treat, spice or herb add, and conditioning of dried fruits. What you presented was a group of “pretty ” pictures. Sad, very sad indeed. Not what I expected at all from your website. This is more of an infomercial than true how to. RC

  • Denise on said:

    Bwahahaha, I was thinking the same thing. So many people with negative comments, look it up or how about this but a freaking book in canning and read.

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