How to Make Solar Powered Coastal Memory Jar


The problem with most pieces of decorations is that you can’t see them at night. Besides the kitschy decorations, there aren’t plenty of other products that keep their DIY spark shining at night. Or you think so! There is a really cool trick you can resort to in order to have a unique piece of decoration that will be perfect for decorating the home also during night time. The actual manufacturing process is easy and only involves your regular materials for crafting a Memory Jar, except for the solar powered moon shiner Mason jar lid! The DIY product is embellished on the inside with all sorts of fun items that remind you of a moment in time or a trip to the seaside, together with a picture which captured that moment. Then, the lid is screwed back on and it will charge all day long. During the night the energy stored throughout the day will let you see your DIY work in the darkness. Check out the entire tutorial and learn how to achieve the same result, starting with your Mason jar and topping off with a nice decorative rope around the solar lid.


Moon Shiner Solar Powered Lid – Amazon


DIY Solar Powered Coastal Memory Jar – Instructions on

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