How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener


Another off the grid idea from Daily Experiments …Don’t you just hate the day when you want to open a can but don’t have a can opener at your disposal? Using knives or any other sharp tools might prove dangerous and quite frankly might not get the can open in the first place. That’s why we suggest you an incredibly awesome and simple technique that doesn’t involve any tool what so ever. Can you guess what it could be? You will only need a concrete block and a disposition for rubbing and squeezing. Check out the tutorial and learn what steps are required in this process. People might think it’s not going to work or that it’s all a prank, but the video proof leaves you with no other doubts about the usefulness of this. Be sure to spread the word about this solution. This way, a can in your home without a can opener is not a horrible thing anymore.




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