How To Transfer An Image Onto Stone


Photos are one of the most personal and touching gifts you can surprise your loved ones with. Many times a photography can express more than words, so if you are looking for a special gift for someone, pictures can be an awesome idea. In the following video you will learn more about how to transfer an image onto an unusual surface, such as a stone. This is an easy DIY project and is perfect if you want to create a unique gift. You will need: a printed picture, stone (a clean one), varnish, brush, damp fabric and medium transfer. Start by covering the stone with a coat of medium and then do the same on the photo. Place the photo on the stone upside down, so the image can be transferred to its surface. Push gently to remove air pockets. Let the stone dry for 8 hours. With the help of a damp fabric remove the paper from the stone. Once you removed all the paper you will have to apply a coat of varnish on the stone to seal the image. For more details and a visual guidance, make sure you visit the following link where you’ll find this project’s tutorial.





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