Idea For A Cute Little Cabin


From time to time, we all crave for the mountains. Whether it’s a week-end runaway or a short vacation, some time spent surrounded by the rocky scenery and the refreshing woods will charge your batteries for a couple of months or more. The Briarwood log home showcased here could be your dream mountain retreat. The people from Coventry Log Homes Inc. can supply you the whole package for the sum of $49,500 (only the logs would cost $24,450). But in this price you get a lovely log home with 2 bedrooms in a loft area and great storage space that can easily welcome 6 people to sleep comfortably. The one bathroom might prove problematic for that many people, but with a superb patio and the splendid surroundings, there will be little time to spend inside. So change the city landscape with something more natural like this cute little cabin!

Foot Print 20′ x 27′
Sq. Ft. 1,080
Bathrooms 1
Bedrooms 2
Loft Yes
Open Concept Yes


Cute-Little-Cabin-plan more details here…

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  1. Dowry says:

    Nice…in my dreams in my eyes only

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