The Ideal Sofa for your Pet

Everywhere are a lot of puppy and cat fans. Daily we see a lot of pictures with cute puppy or nice kitties shared anywhere and anytime on internet. A new piece of furniture is always a reason of happiness for your pets. They begin to check it, to play around it, to scratch using the corners or simply climb on it like it always been there.Well, cat lovers, if you own a cat, there`s also a piece of furniture that will make her glad, because it is specially designed for it. A sofa. But not a normal sofa your pet could play on, or destroy it with his teeth. This couch is special because the Korean designer Seungji Munhas thought about the trouble your pet makes when it doesn`t have anything to do. So, the fancy sofa is bordered by a tunnel with gaps that will keep your cat entertained.

She has now a place where to play or hide from you when she does something bad. If you`re bored you can play with your cat only waiting for her to enter the tunnel.

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