Incredible Folding Picnic Table


Having a beautiful yard comes with benefits. One of them is that you can have outdoor events without going to the countryside or forest. A picnic can be organized right in your back yard. And if want to save up on some work load in this process, the incredible folding picnic table is just the thing for you! Made from all wood, the design makes it easily storable in the closet or toolshed. The compact size and sturdy built will also provide stability and comfort when you need it. It measures 63″ by 63″ by 36″ when it’s opened and it’s just the cutest piece of outdoor furniture you could have in your yard. Due to the folding out feature, this picnic table is so practical you would have wanted this piece much earlier. Just think about all of the work gathering the pieces of a regular picnic set you save. Buy the plans if you like and build the thing yourself or search for a piece like this to purchase.



by Izzy Swan

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4 Responses to “Incredible Folding Picnic Table”

  1. Phyllis fry says:

    Such a good idea

  2. Amanda says:

    Where can I purchase the plans?

  3. Shannon says:

    WOWZA!!!!! This would be a great mothers or fathers day gift. Anyone know where they can be purchased?!?!?!

  4. Elliott says:

    Where are the plans?

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