Land Artist Leaves Incredible Mosaics Made Entirely of Pebbles

Justin Bateman is a talented British artist, who uses the landscape as his artistic medium and builds the most impressive land art pieces.
He makes the landscape art using stones and pebbles found on shores and the fascination with this type of art is its temporariness. Bateman has moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand and the beaches surrounding his newly found homeland are perfect for inspiration.
He prefers natural colores stones and other natural elements which blend in beautifully with the environment and Bateman considers pebbles his pixels.
By creating his life-size pieces he interferes in nature leaving only a subtle and passing mark, and his portraits are usually spontaneous. Bateman’s works take several days to be ready and he tries not to become attached to these temporary works of art.
But still, to immortalize the works and create an archive for posterity, the artist photographs each landscape sculpture he makes and many of his works are posted on his Instagram account.
You can view a selection of Bateman’s works on his website or Instagram page, and let the portraits take you on the shores of Thailand.

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