Amazing Photo of a Sunrise During a Solar Eclipse Looks Like the Ocean Has Horns

Some natural phenomena are hard to forget, and for a photographer to captures these essential moments can be truly uplifting and a boost of confidence.
For Elias Chasiotis the wonders of the sky and universe, have always presented more interest than for others. Even since childhood, the amateur astronomer has been interested in knowing more about the vastness of the sky above us.
One of his favorite solar activity are eclipses and he recently traveled to Qatar to witness and catch one on camera.
The day of the eclipse was a cloudy one, but Chasiotis managed to capture a stunning picture of an optical illusion, called the Etruscan Vase effect, which made the ocean look as if it has large horns rising from it on the horizon.

NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day feature Chasiotis’ picture and explained that the dark circle seen in the photo near the red Sun is the Moon. Chasiotis knew that if he positioned himself in a strategic place he would be able to catch this amazing moment on camera. He states that what he felt during that moment cannot be put into words, knowing that he might never again witness such a unique moment in time.

Elias Chasiotis: Facebook

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