Inflatable Hammock Uses an Insulated Air Gap to Keep Users Warm

The Atmos inflatable hammock is a novel solution designed to keep users warm by utilizing an insulated air gap, which eliminates the need for additional bulky items like sleeping pads or under quilts. When someone sleeps in a traditional hammock, the thin fabric offers little insulation against the cold air beneath, often leading to an uncomfortable night. To counter this, campers usually resort to carrying extra insulating gear, which adds to their load. The Atmos, however, integrates this insulation directly into its structure. By doing so, it provides warmth without the additional weight and space that separate insulating items would require. This innovation could significantly enhance the camping experience by making it more comfortable and less cumbersome.

Developed by Canadian entrepreneur Jackson Busch after a cold night in Corsica, the Atmos is now being brought to market through his startup, Madison River. On Kickstarter, the Atmos is presented as a compact and lightweight solution for warm, comfortable hammock camping. When packed, it forms a small cylinder that is easy to carry, and setting it up involves simple steps with included straps and a pump sack. Made of durable aluminized PET film and ripstop nylon, it is designed to be robust, supporting up to 300 pounds even if it gets punctured. With a pledge of CA$260, backers can secure their own Atmos setup, which could revolutionize how outdoor enthusiasts approach hammock camping, offering an integrated, efficient, and warm solution for sleeping under the stars.

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