This Innovative Personal Tent Lets You Sleep In Below Freezing Weather

Camping just got easier with this amazing sleeping system. The good thing about camping nowadays is that you can find all sorts of gadgets that will make this experience more enjoyable. This cool camping gear will let you sleep outdoors even in the coldest temperatures, without having to compromise your comfort and health.
The tent is called Polarmond and it is an inviting sleeping bag/tent that lets you sleep outdoors even during the coldest Winter nights, as it endures temperatures as low as -30° C (-22° F). The Polarmond follows the human body’s shape perfectly and creates a protecting layer, by using the body’s ability to regulate its temperature. The system created can also apply dehumidification, so all your camping gear can stay as dry as possible in harsh weather conditions.
Even though the tent looks pretty well defined as a shape, it does permit you to turn around and sleep on your side or stomach, without losing heat. It can be ordered online, just in time for next Spring and the start of the hiking season.


Check out the Polarmond extreme cold sleep system in action via the video below.

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