Innovative Window System by Vitrocsa


Floor to ceiling windows are every designer’s dream and everyone living in a flat would enjoy such an abundance of light. Vitrocsa created an amazing and innovative system of floor to ceiling windows that can be installed in homes in order to create a panoramic view. The peculiarity of these windows is that they are a succession of panels that slide even around the corners. The system used is called Turnable Corner Window System and Vitrocsa windows have invisible frames in order to give a full impression of transparency. The sophistication of and beauty of Vitrocsa windows has almost no equal and we invite you to check out the link below for more details and stunning pictures about these highly functional corner windows.

by Vitrocsa

Window-System-Slides-Around-Corners-2 Window-System-Slides-Around-Corners-3

Window-System-Slides-Around-Corners-4 Window-System-Slides-Around-Corners-5


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