Japanese Artist Made These 30 Cute Vignettes From Leaves

Every art piece is unique in its way and artists usually invest a lot of time and energy in their works. This Japanese artist created the most delicate cutouts from leaves, and they look fascinating and otherworldly.

The artist is called Lito Leaf Art on Instagram and uses leaves as a base for each work. Then with great attention to detail and craftsmanship, transforms the leaves into tiny masterpieces. Each leaf transports you into a new story and scene, from small animals to scenes resembling your favorite childhood books, such as Harry Potter, the works are breathtaking.

According to the artist, his works also serve as therapy for him and help in dealing with ADHD and channeling all his attention on one thing. The Lito Leaf Art account has 27k followers on Instagram and the fanbase continues to grow every day, as the artist keeps on posting more and more intricate works on his account.










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  1. Sara says:

    He is an amazing artist like it
    can i ask him to carves my photo

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